Monday, July 30, 2012

The weekend

In the weekend I went to my cousin’s house. When we went to our cousin’s house we saw the baby. My mum had to call us to eat KFC and curry. At night we had to go home.
By Olidah

In the weekend I had a feed and I went to skate land for my brothers birthday. After, I had ice-cream and a cupcake.
By Katelyn


  1. Wow, great stories Olidah and Katelyn. We really like KFC, you are so lucky to have eatin it with your family Olidah and our favourite ice-cream Katelyn are vanilla, hockey pokey and chocolate.

    From Valensia, Simione and Osca

  2. WOW katelyn what a wonderful baby you have when you went to your cousins house. you and your family is very lucky to have KFC. GOOD WORK AND WELL DONE!

  3. Great piece of writing katelyn and Olidah, my favourite ice cream is hokey pokey. my favourite thing from K.F.C. you are so lucky to have K.F.C with special people. well done Olidah and Katelyn.