2014 Sensational Learners

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Precious' Cat

I have a cat. He is dangerous. He has sharp claws and three eyeballs. He scares the other cats and he scares me. He steals peoples food. He rips peoples socks. Beware of my cat!

Christian's Cat

I have a cat. He is evil. He has fire in his mouth. He scratches the wall hard. Beware of my cat!

Dianne's Cat

I have a Cat. My Cat has sharp claws. He is black and brown. My Cat has eyes like an Eagle. He can scratch people very hard. He has three eyes. Beware of my Cat!

Opeti's Cat

I have a grumpy cat. It has spiky teeth. His eyes are black and are scary. He has scary claws. It has a spiky back. He has a scary nose. Beware my cat!

Laki's Cat

I have a cat. It is a dangerous cat. The cat has a fire tail. He has Tiger claws. It can scratch your face. It has sharp claws. It has yellow eyes. It can blow fire out of his mouth. It can set you on fire. It has a sharp tail. Beware of my cat!

Jerome's Cat

I have a cat. He is a mad cat. The cat has a witches nose. It has a snakes tongue. It has a fire  body. He had a red head. My cat has snake fangs. It has 5 eyeballs. It breathes fire. My cat has black and yellow eyes. It's eyes are angry. It has sharp teeth. It has a Lions claws. Beware of my cat!

Zahara's Cat

I have a cat. He is mean. He scratches me. Beware of my cat!

Malia's Cat

I have a cat, It is a very scary cat. It has sharp claws. The cat has a shark tail. My cat has mean yellow eyes. It likes breathing fire. Beware of my cat!

Rosiephine's Cat

I have a cat. He has some sharp teeth he was very scary. My is dangerous he has sharp nails. He has pointy ears. Beware of my cat!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Diego's Cat

I have a cat. It is a horrible cat. It has eagle eyes. It has sharp claws. It can scratch the people. Beware of MY cat!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Book Of Fractions

We have been learning about fractions. We made a book to share our learning with you. 

Our Book Of Fractions
by Room 2 Pupils
Our Book Of Fractions