2014 Sensational Learners

Tuesday, September 18, 2018



                                              SUCH BEAUTIFUL


On Sunday we all went to the hall for our Jubilee and my mum and my dad came to the Jubilee. 

I was so happy and I saw heaps of people. 

I was in the Maori group at the front of the stage. 

I was SO SO PROUD of myself doing my dance!

"I was in the Samoan group. I was right in the front of the stage and I was so so pretty," said Nu'utofi.

On Sunday I did a dance.I did a dance because it was the 60th Jubilee for our school.
I saw my family at church and I was so proud. It's because they never come when I have something.
I wore my Puletasi and a white necklace and a pink flower in my hair.
The Tongan group was so so amazing to watch so heaps of people gave money.
After the Jubilee my mum was proud of me and she took pictures of me.
I was very, very pretty and I was so proud of myself!

On Sunday we all went into the hall and my mum and my dad looked at me. 

I looked at them too. I was so so happy.

 It was SO much fun! 

We were having a Jubilee! 

It was such a good day. 

It was cool for Room 1. It was great AND I LIKED IT!

I was dancing in the hall.

I was so happy dancing in the hall and my mum was so happy. 

I was in the Tongan group. 

I looked AMAZING!


  1. Sunday was just such a special day, and I was so proud of each and every one of you. You were amazing!
    Love from Mrs Logan

  2. Hi Room 1,
    I like your guys Samoan outfits, it looks amazing. I think you should explain what was your favourite part of the jubilee.

    Great work

  3. Hey Room 1!
    It really looks like you all had such fun. Unfortunately I wasn't here to celebrate with you all. But all of you look amazing in your different cultural clothing! I hope everything went well and everybody enjoyed themselves.


  4. Hi Room 1 ,

    I really enjoyed watching you all in your performances ,
    I also loved your costumes.

  5. Hi Room 1,
    I really like your writing about Sunday. I really like how you got someone from each group to write about their experience.

    Great Job

  6. Kia Ora Rm 1,
    Nice clothes, I see you guys had fun on the stage. Unfortunately I never performed but I have to say your performance was fantastic. Maybe next time you could explain what was your favourite part of the jubilee and why.
    Keep it up!

  7. Talofa lava, Faka lofa lahi atu,malo lei lei, and greetings to you all. I really love the outfits and all the groups you guys have performed in, I hope you guys enjoyed it .
    sincerely - Monika