Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother,s Day - Helena

Dear Mum
You are pretty. Thank you Mum for cooking my cookies. Happy Mother's Day. From Helena


  1. WOW Helena you are writing about Mother's day I hope you can write that on Father's day I love when you told that mum cooks cookies for dinner you LOVE
    Chocolate Chip Cookie. Maybe next time you can write this for Father's Day.

  2. Hi little sister:

    I like your story about you drawing mum and writing about mum. What I like about your story is that you wrote down that mum cooks cookies for dinner but she does not do it but sometimes she does for our dinner.

    Maybe next time you could put more information about our mum:)

  3. What amazing photo you made Helena and your smile on you face it tell's me that you love your mum very much