Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Hedgehog Writing

We looked at  the hedgehog. It was in a box. Mrs Logan put the hedgehog in a box. When we looked at the hedgehog it was scared of us. It rolled into a ball it looked a grey- brown colour. But it was cute. Mrs Logan put the hedgehog in the bush.
By Aaliyah. 

We looked at the hedgehog. It was in the box. It was near the toilets. He was sitting on the ground. It was sleeping on the ground too.
By Charlie.

We looked at the hedgehog. It was in the box. The hedgehog was spiky and he was scared of us. Mrs   Logan showed the hedgehog to us. The hedgehog was a grey - brown colour.
By Macky.

We looked at a hedgehog and it rolled into a ball. It had spikes and it was asleep. It was scared of us. Mrs Logon showed it to us. It had a white tummy. Mrs Logon put it in a bush.By Olidah.



  1. What lovely writing you have done here about the Hedgehog. They are very cute animals. You are very lucky to have a teacher who gives you such wonderful experiences.

  2. I really enjoyed your writing about the hedgehog. I like how you have used various vocab, explaining how it rolled into a ball. Maybe next time you could add a bit more about what it looked like.

  3. Wow that is so cool I had one in my back yard and I was so scared to touch.But lucky you room 2 you had a picture of it and you told story about it so well done great work as well.

  4. WOW room1and2 I'm sure you did not touch you Hedgehog I would like to read some of your other reading WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!...:)